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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lawyer rates are out of control

It is dawning on me that lawyers are actually pricing themselves out of the market.

The norm seems to be around $350 an hour which eats up $25,000 in a couple weeks….

A client just told me about a family law matter where the lawyer used up her $25,000 and the resigned her file.
all in less than a month.

Not impressive….

Monday, May 21, 2012

The LSUC are cowards and bullies

Dealing with The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC)

The LSUC has published a malicious, slanderous and cowardly personal attack on J Kirby Inwood and CanLaw. They know we are not stupid enough to sue the Law Society when all lawyers and all judges are members. If there were any way to stop these attacks we would consider them, but sometimes, might is right.

The published notice about CanLaw contains lies. The allegations simply are not true. When CanLaw did threaten a libel suit we were told that if we proceeded, the LSUC would "crush" us.

I believe they would. They have endless resources.

We are just a small firm and can do nothing but ask that people who see those slanders use their head.

CanLaw has taken vast amounts of business from the LSUC referral services.

They are simply trying to put CanLaw out of business so they can go back to charging $5 a minute for referrals that should be free, as are CanLaw's.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good Morning:

CanLaw is about to undertake a massive rebuild and overhaul of the main web site.

The current look is getting dated and it is simply time for a change. So we are wide open to improvement ideas.

The changes will take most of the summer to implement, but what is a few months in the 16 year long
life of CanLaw eh?

I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions on how to make the service work better for you.

Anything will be considered and appreciated

Remember, sacred cows make the best hamburger.

J Kirby Inwood

Thursday, April 26, 2012

False guilty pleas

Our jails are full of mostly younger men, under 40 or so, who have been denied bail or cannot make bail for economic reasons.

This often means that faced with a long wait in jail (often a year or more) for trial in a matter for which the maximum sentence may be only 30 days, they plead guilty even though innocent. They usually get time served and are out.

But the false guilty plea will haunt them for life.

There is a better solution.

Release anyone remanded once their time in jail on remand exceeds the sentence they may get if convicted.

That would do no harm. It would save a huge cost to the taxpayers.

Is there any chance that a government like Harper with a Justice Minister like Toews will ever see the wisdom in this proposal?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

No way any relative gets a penny

Under no circumstances, if I ever die, is anyone related to me in any manner to get so much as a single penny

No family members, no siblings, none of their offspring... not one damned penny

No ex wives get anything. No ex girl friends get anything.

No supposed or real offspring if any, get a penny

. Everything goes into a trust fund for my cats

That just makes me chuckle.

Archeological nonsense

The Archelogists like to say that the losers in the ancient ball game played by Aztec or Myans would be killed That is nonsense. If you killed all the losing teams in the NHL how long would it take to run out of teams?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fortification Bylaws. Are you a biker?

This will be on your next bar exam….

Once upon a time Scarborough passed a by law setting the minimum temperature for bath water. They were ridiculed from coast to coast and quickly backed down.


The rage now seems to be "Fortification" by laws. A quick Google search shows that these laws are cropping up all over.

I apparently have run afoul of the London one, because I have security cameras on my property which may be able to see "beyond the perimeter" of the property line. ( I have an ongoing problem with a vandal)

Here for your edification and amusement is a link to the London Fortification bylaw.

While primarily intended to stop Hells Angels types from fortifying their club houses, this law is so ludicrous, vague and discriminatory it is laughable. It could not possibly withstand a court challenge. You cannot have a security camera which sees beyond your own property line???.

One dangerous aspect is that a town can use this bylaw to enter and search your home without any kind of warrant. The Globe and Mail has an editorial today on this happening in BC where a similar bylaw was used to justify a search for a grow op based on high electricity use. Turned out the home owner had a bunch of tropical fish tanks. Talk about a fishing expedition? (sorry).

Have a good laugh…. These kind of bad laws keep you in business!! I am certainly not going to stand by and let London push me around!!! .


Kirby Inwood.